Visually Impaired Walkway Standards

Görme Engelli Yürüyüş Yolu Standartları

Visually impaired walking path standards are stipulated by the state and are the whole of the conditions that some businesses, institutions and organizations must comply with. Visually impaired individuals unfortunately do not have some comfortable living standards like us.

That’s why we need to help them. These aids can be met today with products and product groups that make their lives easier. We use all our resources at full capacity for visually impaired individuals with signs and markers that we have produced for many years.

So, what kind of items are included in the visually impaired walking path standards? Are these substances applied sufficiently from the walking paths? What are the sectoral disadvantages? In this content, we will talk about such topics.

Görme Engelli Yürüyüş Yolu Standartları

Visually Impaired Walkway Standards

For visually impaired individuals, there is a standard declaration called Ustad (Universal Standards) not only for roads but also for all areas that will make their lives easier. You can download this statement by clicking here and you can review all the details one by one if you request.

But if you would like us to summarize, this statement contains the following.

Pedestrian Paths and Sidewalks
pedestrian crossings
Pedestrian crossings for the disabled,
Open and green spaces
regulations on buildings,
Special editing rules for featured builds
Public transport services etc.

As you can see in the main list items above, standardization has been made in dozens of areas such as roads, parks, indoor and outdoor areas, building structures, special regulation rules for special structures.

Articles are included in the declaration until the penal sanctions that will come into force when these are not complied with or applied.

So, what are the sectoral problems that occur despite this published and valid in our country, walking path standards document for the visually impaired? Are there formations called natural selection? If you wish, let’s discuss these issues in a sub-title.

Occurring Sectoral Problems

Even if applications are made in accordance with the necessary standards, problems may occur in completed works for disabled individuals from time to time due to natural or external sources. High-strength adhesives and screwing systems are used especially for tactile floor works.

Despite the use of such precautions and professional materials, these works may experience physical losses in the future, either consciously or unconsciously. In addition, there is a situation where roads, buildings, stairs, in short, all areas included in the visually impaired walking path standards are subject to deformation during repair and renovation.

Our advice to business and business owners will be to report such negative situations to the relevant people and to help the visually impaired individuals in their lives. You can contact us and get detailed technical support for all the works we produce and implement in order to facilitate the lives of people with disabilities.

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