Our company has been established to provide planning and consultancy services conforming to TS ISO 23599 and TS 13536 standards since 2012 in order to ensure that the existing official structures of the public institutions and foundations specified in Articles 2 and 3 of Law No. 5378,all existing roads, sidewalks, pedestrian crossings, open and green spaces, sports areas and similar social and cultural infrastructure areas, and any kind of structures made by natural or legal persons and providing public open service are made accessible for disabled people.

In 2014, our company has begun domestic production of European Standards for the Tactile Ground Surface Indicators used in the Horizontal and Vertical circulation and Braille Alphabet printed products  by using its experience and knowledge in accessibility within the scope of accessibility standards to provide services to the visually impaired. By using higher quality raw materials than the products produced domestically and abroad, we are aiming to produce a better result in R&D works and to make a contribution to the public interest.

In this scope, our company has built structures that can provide unobstructed service in accordance with standards in structures such as Hospitals, Terminals, Stations, Airports, Universities, Shopping Centers, Municipality Buildings, Governorate and District Governorate, Courthouse etc. with primarily planning, product group selection and correct budget. With its specialist teams, standards-compliant projects, products and appropriate budget, our company has adopted the vision to meet your demands under warranty in undertaken projects as a manufacturer and implementing company in “Handicapped Accessible Systems”, and in the imported product groups in which it is a producer and an authorized dealer.