Tactile Surface Application

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Tactile Surface Application

tactile surface application; They are embossed and polymer surface coating products that can be used indoors and outdoors, allowing visually impaired people to lead a more comfortable life. They can move more easily by feeling these reliefs with shoes and walking sticks. Thanks to the tactile surface application made to facilitate the daily life of visually impaired individuals, our visually impaired citizens can adapt to social life more easily. It will be easier for them to reach their destination.

Sensible Surface

There are also certain regulations in the laws for tactile surfaces that allow our visually impaired citizens to move freely. The tactile surface raw materials used for our visually impaired citizens are polymer raw materials and stainless raw materials. Care is taken to produce from materials that are difficult to pollute and easily cleaned. Some of our visually impaired citizens can see a little bit, so the palpable surfaces are yellow and red in color and bright.

Our citizens, who can see for a while, can see more easily thanks to the bright and vivid colors of yellow and red on these surfaces. Yellow color is used in uncontrolled transition areas. Visually impaired individuals use a cane to better feel the path they have to walk. Thanks to the canes they use, they can notice the reliefs and reach their destination more comfortably. The purpose of the tactile surface application is to ensure the safety of our visually impaired citizens to some extent. Our visually impaired citizens notice the palpable surface reliefs with their walking sticks.

In Which Areas Is Sensible Surface Used?
It is used in airports.
It is used in banks.
It is used in mosques, schools, universities.
It is used in shopping malls.
It is used in subways and bus stops.
It is used in pedestrian crossings and sidewalks.

It has been made compulsory by law and regulation in all indoor and outdoor spaces.

Sensible Surface Application Examples

Application examples where we have tactile surface application Health institutions, educational establishments, government institutions, shopping malls, banks, municipal buildings, tactile landmark applications for public transportation such as metro, metrobus, visually impaired road applications, disabled walkways applications, tangible floor applications You can view examples from the images below.




tactile guide surface


Sensible Surface Properties

The tactile surface structure and materials must be as specified in the law.

Sensible surfaces should not be affected by climatic conditions.
It should be resistant to heat and cold.
There should be closure on the palpable surface.
The tactile surfaces should be phosphorescent and shiny.
Family and social policies should comply with the standards set by the ministry.
The tactile surfaces must be embossed in the form of rods and parallel to the direction of movement.
Since it is intended to draw attention to certain hazards, the shape must be dome-shaped.
Sensible Ground

In today’s technology, it is one of the indispensable applications in order to facilitate the lives of our visually impaired citizens, depending on a certain law. It is used to guide our visually impaired citizens in public areas. The tangible floor can be produced from steel and plastic materials. The materials to be used can be glued to the ground or fixed with screws. Thanks to our laws, this application, which is made for our visually impaired citizens to lead a freer and more barrier-free life, protects our visually impaired citizens.

Sensible Surfaces and Marks

There are certain types of tactile surfaces to protect the lives of our visually impaired citizens and to prevent dangers.

Sensible Surface Stimulating Bead

Warning signs are designed for our visually impaired or low vision citizens and are designed in the form of a truncated cone or a dome. It is used in door entrances and exits with level difference, before getting on the elevator and in front of stairs. This tactile surface treatment is called stimulating beading.

With this application, it can protect our visually impaired citizens from danger. It is an application designed to make their lives easier and lead a safer life.

Color Selection on the Sensible Surface

Colors used on tactile surfaces are very important. Thanks to these colors used, our citizens with low vision enable them to see the area they will pass through better. It should be paid attention that the colors used on the perceptible surface are yellow, red, bright and phosphorescent colors. Our citizens with low vision can choose these colors and make their transition more easily and safely.

Certain measures must be followed in the application of the tactile surface. In other words, tactile surface application is made according to certain standards.



As stated in a, the tactile surface application is subject to certain provisions in order to facilitate the social life of our visually impaired citizens. In the 2nd and 3rd articles of the law numbered 5378, the application areas and how it will be are explained. All work and transactions that need to be done must be carried out in accordance with this law.


The dimensions used in the sensible areas should comply with the standards and the stimulating surfaces should be made according to the standards, the tangible products are more easily cleaned and not affected by the climatic conditions. While the tangible surface of the disabled road is planned and put into practice, it is essential that the visually impaired signs be embossed.

The aim is to make life easier for our visually impaired citizens.

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