Sensible Walking Surfaces

Sensible Walking Surfaces

The upper surface of tactile walking surfaces products is shaped to make you feel under your feet. It can also be used to indicate where the walking path crossing is for the visually impaired or to show where a bicycle route leads along a pedestrian.

The tactile surface application is used with different surface profiles in different situations. For example, tactile walkways are used to indicate where a particular waypoint is. At all new special crossing points, pedestrian and road will be level to assist wheelchair users.

If you have visual impairment, the lack of curbs makes it difficult for you to know where the road ends and the road begins. Tactile walking surfaces are used to alert you that you may be about to leave the safe path.

Visually Impaired Walking Paths

The tangible walking surface used at special intersections consists of tiles with round markings to help show you the right direction along the way. At the same time, the visually impaired walking path is colored to indicate that it is different from the standard pedestrian path, and the color used may vary depending on the type of crossing.

Red paving is used at intersections where traffic must stop to allow pedestrians to pass. It is also used to indicate the top and bottom of digits. The tiles here will have rounded, parallel, velvet-like bars. Slabs are laid so that the bars run along the pedestrian movement.

It can also be used to show that pedestrians and cyclists share a pedestrian path separated by a white line. This tactile flooring is similar to the velvet flooring used for steps, although it has longer flat-topped bars in terms of tile length.

It is parallel to the direction of movement at the beginning and end of the bicycle lane and pedestrian section. Where the shared road is very long, walking surfaces should be repeated at regular intervals. In this way, visually impaired individuals know that they are on the right side of the road.

We see that some individuals and companies are not as sensitive as they should be about visually impaired walking paths. Every individual should be made aware of the importance of this issue. This awareness has become mandatory in today’s world. Each individual should be sensitive about this issue and not occupy the sight-impaired roads unnecessarily. No obstacles should be placed in front of the visually impaired roads prepared for disabled individuals. This type of behavior can cause injuries to visually impaired individuals.

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