Görselde hissedilebilir yüzey fiyatları öne çıkarılan görsel görünmektedir.

When we look at the reasonable surface prices in general, the area to be applied, the type and type of the floor to be applied, the seasonal conditions of the area to be applied and the type of product expected to be used or requested by the customer may change. Since most of our customers want to get field service, that is, businesses or government institutions that want to have a concrete surface floor application, when they contact us by doing some research, they can sometimes come with their own demands and price offers. this job.


We evaluate these price offers as a company and try to put them into practice by considering business partnerships. In general, we offer pricing with our professional teammates. How are these prices determined? What conditions can we deduce from net prices when determining prices? Let’s talk a little about that.


How Are Precision Surface Prices Determined?

As we mentioned at the beginning of our article, concrete surface prices generally vary according to the type, type or amount of the application area and the material to be applied. While some regions only want to have an indoor tactile surface application, some applications may be places where visually impaired individuals pay attention to a neighborhood, transition between institutions or dangerous spots.

Görselde hissedilebilir yüzey fiyatları görünmektedir.

Pricing studies are carried out by our professional teams by seeing the benefits of being a manufacturer and seller, which we have been giving for many years in this and similar subjects. Let’s list it if you wish to add a more detailed view.

Perceptible surface prices are shown in the image.

Factors affecting the price quote

The type of material to be used is a factor that determines the price.
The number of materials to be used also helps our staff in the price determination process.
The degree of sensitivity of the floor to be applied affects everything from the adhesive to be used during the application to the labor force. For this reason, the degree of sensitivity of the ground plays a very important role in determining the price.
The labor force and raw materials to be spent are also an item that our company considers while determining the price.
Whether the place to be implemented is a purely social responsibility project is also an element of price determination that we take initiative in some cases.


The items you see above are cult items that have been formed thanks to the experience of our company for many years. These items can be pulled up or down according to the customer’s demands, whether the application is a social responsibility project or not, or all possible discounts can be made in one-on-one meetings with the customer.


Do We Support Social Responsibility Projects?

One of the most frequently asked questions: Do we support tactile surface applications for social responsibility projects? As a matter of fact, this question has hidden both yes and no answers in itself. We can say that the reason for this is that there are completely opportunists in this field, as in every sector. The state imposes conditions and obligations on certain businesses in certain areas regarding concrete roads, concrete floors and all products that will facilitate the life of visually impaired individuals.


For these and similar reasons, companies may try to convey this to us as a social responsibility project. For this reason, when our customers have a request on this subject, let’s answer this issue here by explaining to our company personnel which discounts, how and when we can apply after triggering enough.


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What should I do to get a detailed quote?

Our customer representatives are waiting for you on the line every day during working hours for a detailed price offer. After learning the detailed information of the place that belongs to you or the place you need to apply, you can call our customer representatives who are waiting for you at the beginning of the line. You can forward the details to them and hear all the necessary price information from a single authorized voice. In addition, if all the information, documents and documents you are curious about, except the price on our site, have not cleared the questions and problems in your mind, you can easily ask and get information by calling our customer representatives. solution.


Do you know how to reach us for concrete surface prices or for any reason? It is very easy to reach us. You can send us a message from any of our social media accounts and get detailed information via e-mail.

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