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Sensible Surface Manufacturing   is designed embossed surface works. In addition to being such a short summary, we can say that it is a production that is produced for the visually impaired individuals to protect them against the dangers in the physical environment and, in summary, it serves a perfect purpose.

The demand by dozens of different municipalities and businesses with indoor and outdoor spaces has not only honored us since the day we were founded, but also makes us happy and happy because it facilitates the lives of individuals with visual or low vision impairment. So how are these products made? Are there any rules to be considered in order to prevent loss of life and property while producing these products? If you wish, let’s take a step into technical and detailed information about the tangible floor without further ado.

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Why is Sensible Surface Manufacturing Important?

The tactile surface is a product production and application that sends a warning not to sight but to other emotional feelings of visually impaired individuals and allows them to walk more comfortably and safely both indoors and outdoors.

These products, which were produced abroad for individuals with visual and low vision impairments to organize their lives, continue to be produced in our country and in a way that can appeal to the tactile senses of individuals.

You will notice that this tactile surface production, which enables visually impaired individuals to be directed from where they are and to change their direction for their purposes, serves an excellent area.

We Address Individuals’ Senses of Touch

As a factory that has been producing designed embossed surfaces for many years, and at the same time, thanks to our competent staff who have become experts in their profession, we produce tangible surfaces that will help visually impaired individuals walk on tangible floor surfaces.

As you know, the eye, which is the most important organ for a person, can cause problems such as loss of vision or seeing a very small amount in some individuals before they are born. While this situation is already quite difficult, we are trying to serve in the tangible floor sector and make their lives easier.

What is Visible Surface in Visual? An image is shown in which the question can be answered with a description.
What Exactly Is Tactile Ground?

The tangible floor name that you have heard often recently and that you have started to see almost everywhere is an application that serves a very important area. This is the application that is usually shown in yellow when necessary, and where objects such as guide surface and guide chamfer are applied by sticking, helping visually impaired individuals not to fall while walking with objects such as sticks, sticks, canes.

They are products that provide stimulating surface services that try to help visually impaired individuals walk by controlling these objects called tactile floors with tactile surfaces.

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How Do Individuals Feel Sensible Grounds?

If it is necessary to examine in general, the tangible surface is produced in a way that is divided into parts and subcategories in itself, but the tangible floor is divided into two main parts for the end user.

One of these pieces is indoor and the other is outdoor. They are products that can be felt even with the soles of shoes, which are glued to the ground and help them to walk long distances, called guide surfaces, while they help them to move more with point-to-point surfaces called chamfers in places called interior spaces.

Due to this and similar reasons, the tactile surface causes all visually impaired individuals to walk around the streets as they wish. As a company, we would like to state that we generally work with municipalities.

Thanks to the thinking systems of municipalities, such as social responsibility projects, we manufacture tangible surfaces and prevent people with disabilities from the danger of getting stuck on the roads due to level differences and falling to the ground.

If you want to do a study to take the disabled to their destination, you can have the products we manufacture in the form of a dome or a guide surface parallel to the direction of movement and provide a unique help to the visually impaired individuals who want to come to your business. Have you read our tactile surface blog content? You can read by switching immediately and read in more detail what a tangible floor/surface is rather than manufacturing.

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