Studies for the Visually Impaired

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There is a considerable amount of work among the studies conducted for the visually impaired. Of course, although this will not bring back their most important organs, we will continue to make every effort as humanity. So what has humanity done so far for people with visual impairment, low vision or any type of visual impairment? What kind of inventions did he make in which areas and in which areas did he make the life of the disabled easier? In this content, we will discuss these issues.

Studies for the Visually Impaired

First of all, we want you to know that the studies for visually impaired individuals are divided into categories and different inventions have been produced for dozens of subjects in every field. First of all, let’s list them one by one so that they can be understood more clearly.

Products made for outdoor use.
Products produced for entertainment venues,
Products manufactured for domestic use,
Products produced for hobby purposes,
Products produced to continue their healthy lives,
Products produced for vehicles and vehicles produced for visually impaired individuals,
Tools, etc., produced for the integration of visually impaired individuals into business life.

The above items can be extended as a list, but we would like to give you this information excitedly in order not to prolong the subject too much. In fact, when you examine the items above, the visually impaired may not be able to regain their sight most of the time, thanks to us, but these inventions and aids have made their lives much easier compared to past years.

Well then, let’s take a look at the products produced for the outdoors, which is our first item, under a sub-title.

Products Produced for Outdoors

First of all, under this sub-title, we would like to make a statement about the perceptible surface works that we serve. Sensible surfaces are a system that can be applied for visually impaired individuals on the street, at the entrances and exits of any official institution, between floors or in all areas where you can walk.

Tactile Guide Surface


In the image, there is a tactile guide surface image applied to the ground.

They are products that are different in terms of production as a guide surface and a warning sign, but help the visually impaired person to walk healthier and the other to pay attention during the application.

Guide surfaces and warning signs, which are produced in accordance with the widest cane sizes produced for visually impaired individuals and mounted on the surface to be applied, help visually impaired individuals to move forward with riding style by coinciding their walking sticks between two guide surfaces. In this way, the visually impaired individual continues to walk as long as the guide surface continues, thinking that there is no obstacle in front of him or that there is nothing to pay attention to.

At the same time, warning signs are applied in certain parts of the guide surfaces where attention should be paid, slowed down or stopped, and visually impaired individuals can explain to the person that they should pay attention when their walking sticks come into contact with these signs. There are hundreds of meetings for visually impaired individuals that continue their vital functions and also aim to enable them to do their hobby activities. In our opinion, the most important of these inventions is tactile surface applications.

The reason is, as you can guess, an individual usually lives outside. Bills need to be paid, she needs to be going to work, she needs to go to school, she needs to go shopping, she needs to go out for fun, or she may want to take a little tour for the air, which is a very simple activity. Visually impaired individuals who have to go out due to these and similar reasons can do the walking action, which is very simple for us, but affects their lives, more comfortably and almost without any problems, thanks to this application.

We would like to summarize some of the inventions produced for the exterior, apart from the tactile surface application, by materializing.

Production of embossed and sound versions of ATMs,
Disabled ramps for visually impaired individuals and those who have to move on the sidewalks with a wheelchair,
Types of traffic lights that tell audibly that they should stop and move forward,
The bus arrival time signs of the bus stops are embossed,
Rain alarms etc.


In the image, the map, handle and bell appear, which facilitate the life of visually impaired individuals thanks to the braille relief orientation.


Among the items we have written above, there are perhaps thousands of inventions that you will come across when you see them as a category.

Products Produced for Entertainment Venues

Entertainment venues are important places of activity for a person. Individuals use these places to relieve stress, chat and spend time with their relatives. Of course these fields

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