Sensible Surface Technical Specification for the Visually Impaired

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The Sensible Surface Technical Specification for the Visually Impaired is a specification developed for the safety of disabled individuals, the commercial purposes of companies and the defense of the rights of indoor and outdoor spaces to be applied.

Such specifications are the types of specifications that are required to be made/applied to companies by the state in almost every sector. With the thought that companies, commercial individuals may cause some negative situations due to their personal indifference, the state applies such transactions and sanctions for all sectors. So, what is the sanction specification applied by the state for the tangible surface technical specification, what kind of titles does it contain? If you wish, let’s start to summarize without further ado.

Sensible Surface Technical Specification for the Visually Impaired

As can be understood from the title, there is a tactile surface technical specification for the visually impaired. Within this specification, some sub-headings and the features that should be applied on behalf of them have been developed item by item.

In this specification, the titles of surface materials are 4 pieces. In other words, these headings, which have been made subjective in four different subjects, under the headings of guiding surface, parallel array stimulating level, guiding surface (without interior floor), parallel array stimulating surface (without interior floor), are very important.

The reason for this importance is that individuals act in different situations at work and outdoors. For example, considering the possibility of some individuals walking barefoot instead of shoes instead of shoes in indoor spaces, the external structure, bonding techniques and materials used were examined and arranged in an order. The tactile surface technical specification for the visually impaired, which was developed with the thought of guiding the disabled, is as follows.

Guide Surface
tactile surface; should specify the route where individuals walk and complete the process of guiding the visually impaired individuals exactly to their destination.
It should be produced by having exactly 300x300mm dimensions of the surface called the guide surface.
Individuals must be produced in a shockproof state when they press on the guide surface.
They must be produced in a style that is exactly suitable for indoor and outdoor spaces.
The adhesive material to be used for the guide must be exactly a two-component PU-based adhesive. etc

The items written above are some of the items in the first part of the specification that will help visually impaired individuals move safely. At the end of our content, this specification will be presented to you as a download.

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In the image, there is an image shown as an example for the content of the Sensible Surface Technical Specification for the Visually Impaired.
Parallel Array Stimulating Surface
Parallel warning surface should undertake the task of warning visually impaired individuals about urban furniture and level differences on the road while walking.
The dimensions should be produced professionally at the rate of 300x300mm.
It should be in the form of a half-cut dome.
The surface must be produced using materials developed as thermo plastic polyurethane (TPU), which is an important alloy, especially a special alloy.
It is produced completely suitable for indoor and outdoor spaces and should not disturb individuals walking when the pressing process is applied.
It has to be produced or applied by applying the anti-slip technique for the exterior, etc.

While we continue to write the summary technical specification articles about tactile surface products, there is a subject we would like to remind you. If you have noticed that the specification completely guarantees the manufacturer and the individuals who will use it.

Having rules such as one color may disturb you, but individuals with low vision as well as visually impaired individuals have to continue their lives. Especially in terms of sight, such articles had to be put in order for individuals who can see, not completely but to a small extent, to be able to live their lives without the need for help from others.

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Sensible Surface Technical Specification for the Visually Impaired 01
Guide Surface (Without Indoor Base)
tactile surface; visually impaired individuals should specify the walking route and guide them exactly where they want to go and then be able to take them.
The top part should be flat and the edges should be chamfered so that it is exactly on the floor and the product to be applied, and there should be a total of 4 parallel bars next to each other on the chamfered part.
The flat back width of the shape called bar should be 20-25 mm, and the bottom base width should be 10 mm more than the flat back.
The tread length of this region on the upper part of the rods should be 265-275 mm, and the lower sole length should be exactly 275-285 mm.
The height of the bars should be 4-5 mm.

Substances and subject headings in the tactile surface technical specification for the visually impaired in the two main clauses above.

There is a bee. These titles are an official specification created by the state, taking into account the rights of companies and individuals, especially visually impaired individuals.

You can quickly access this specification here and examine its details, especially the technical millimetric dimensions, one by one.

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